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 Part lll server guide by legendary.

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Part lll server guide by legendary. Empty
PostSubject: Part lll server guide by legendary.   Part lll server guide by legendary. Icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2007 9:24 am

Hi Please read the Ataturk server guide before reading this will lead to better understanding and no complication's

2.02 Server Guide (UPDATED July 2006)

Ok.. Alot of people in ragezone are having problems setting up their servers or just can't seem to understand what the SEARCH button is for... Well this guide is for those who want to set up a A3 2.02 Server... credit goes to Akaruz for the first guide so read his before you come and ask questions

http://forum.ragezone.com/a3/a3-202-...ide-97099.html <<Akaruz Guide

First, you need the SERVER FILES : GO LOOK FOR THEM

Still can't get your server up? READ THIS GUIDE again...

First, you need Microsoft SQL 2000.. you can get it at the following links:

Microsoft SQL 2000 = http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/d...displaylang=en

Microsoft SQL update = http://download.microsoft.com/downlo...2/sql2ksp3.exe

A Hex editor = http://www.chmaas.handshake.de/delph...vi32/xvi32.htm

Note: This server is meant to work on D drive not on C:/.. if you do not have a second HDD or drive, simply create a "virtual" drive by downloading this tool : Virtual Drive Creator

Install SQL... Go read the other threads on how to install if you don't know.. your server WILL NOT WORK if you screw the MSSQL 2000 installation..

Install SP3 for MS SQL 2000 (IMPORTANT)

Download the Server file and then unzip the file to D:/ (Make sure it is D:/A3server NOT D:/A3server/A3server..)

IMPORTANT: YOU NEED BDE.. either LOOK for it using google or use it from the 1.20 files.
If you FOLLOW all the steps I have mentioned, it should work...

First click start and go to Microsoft SQL server > Service Manager
Click START server

Go to D:/A3server.. There should be 17 Folders there...

Creating the Databases

Open the SQL server Enterprise manager.. >click start and go to Microsoft SQL server > Enterprise Manager
Go and add databases, A3ItemEvent, ASD, FriendDB, HSDB, character, itemstorage and clan

Restoring the Databases

You got to restore the DBs.. BUT, instead of looking endlessly for the BAK files in the A3server dir (cos you'll never find it), SQL scripts are PROVIDED instead..

In D:/A3server/Part3SQL
There should be some .SQL and .TXT files inside..

you might need certain files to restore the character itemstorage and clan DBs.. use the 1.20 ones..

click start and go to Microsoft SQL server > Query Analyser
Connect to your SQL server.. use your username and password..
After that, Click file and open; go to D:/A3server/Part3SQL and select ASD.sql
A whole list of commands should appear in the box.. RIGHT CLICK the box and click EXECUTE... Restoration of ASD DB is complete..

Now do the same method for the 3 other DBs using the table below.. you click new/Blank query for each time..

ASD : ASD.sql (DONE)
FriendDB : Friend24.txt
A3ItemEvent : A3itemEvent.txt

for the other 3 DBs, use the 1.20 BAK files (I hope you know how to restore DBs)

Next, go and Create a new user login;

Create a new user,

Login = a3serial
Password = dkdlxpawprhdnpc

Set DB Owner = A3ItemEvent.txt (MAKE SURE the DBowner is A3itemevent!!)

its all on 新数据库配置说明.txt file...

(NOW THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, screw this and you will 100% get a DB CONNECT ERROR)

This is the ODBC reg file that Akuraz posted in his guide:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Quote :











"LocalServer"="SQL Server"
"A3RcvResult"="SQL Server"
"A3SerialList"="SQL Server"
"FriendDB"="SQL Server"
"NEWASD"="SQL Server"
"Login202"="SQL Server"
"EventA3"="SQL Server"
"A3Friend"="SQL Server"
"HSDB"="SQL Server"

"DefaultDSNDir"="C:\\Program Files\\Common Files\\ODBC\\Data Sources"="(Local)"

type this in Notepad and save with.reg and run it
oor download it from here

rapidshare.com ODBCSetup.reg

After that, change every single IP address to your IP address (192.168.X.X for LAN or your IP address for WAN) in all the .ini and .cfg files..

After that, LOOK at all the ini/cfg for your username and password and replace them respectively..first IP's of the Login Server, Login Agent and Zone Agent are set to your WAN IP and also your Network is enabled.



If all goes well, you can start your server;
do in the following order:

1- 01Account = 7770 dir
2- 02Character = 8880 dir
3- 03ItemStorage = 9990 dir
4- 04LoginServer = Loginserver dir
5- 05LoginAgent = Loginagent dir
6- 06Zoneagent = Zoneagent dir
7- 07MainServer= Mainserver dir
8- 08Accountserver= Accountserver dir
9- 09Zoneserver = Zoneserver dir (If it has Game init Error, LOOK the Guide again)
10- 10Battleserver = Battleserver dir

If all goes well, your server should be running.. next you must find a suitable client to run with your server.. you can try to find the ara3 client (which I think is impossible to find) or the A3 SG's client ; www.a3.com.sg or look for Toxic's clients... the Korean client is also possible
Like what I mention in my other guide, Hex the A3client.exe to change your IPs to your server's....

Another thing I would like to point out, run the server slowly one by one.. DON'T RUN ALL AT ONCE!! YOUR ZONESERVER WILL NOT WORK PROPERLY!!

have a look on this files to understand in a better way
rapidshare.com Screenshot_s.exe.html
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Part lll server guide by legendary.
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