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 Implementing Episode lV & V Maps in your server

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Implementing Episode lV & V Maps in your server Empty
PostSubject: Implementing Episode lV & V Maps in your server   Implementing Episode lV & V Maps in your server Icon_minitimeMon Nov 26, 2007 10:06 am

Note Before Starting:

I see that most of you are getting real impatient about it so I thought I'll tell you the procedure to implement the Episode 4 and 5 Maps in your server without any complications. This will only implement the maps and the hunting grounds but the extra features that come with the Episode 4 and 5 files will not be available.
************************************************** *************************

Step 1: Getting The Map Files

For this you need to download the Episode 5 client which is available over the internet.

Here is a link: ftp://download.actoz.nefficient.co.k..._Setup_520.exe

That is the official Korean client and is totally in Korean. So you will have all the maps in Korean. If you want them in English, you can download a translator and translate them manually. This way you can experience the maps in English.

Step 2: Doing Some Copy Paste Work

Now open the Data folder of the client you just downloaded and installed. From the data folder you can see .MAP files. These are the files that contain the data about the maps. They are all 256 KB in size.

Now maps till 41 are a part of the Episode 3 server files. Then we have extra maps too. In order to implement the Episode 4 and Episode 5 maps, you need to copy all the .MAP files from 42-65 and paste them in your Zonedata>Map folder. You then need to remove the extension .map for the files you just pasted in the Zonedata>Map Folder.

This way you have successfully installed all the texture details of the maps onto the server side.

Step 3: Creating Monster Spawn Files

In order to create a monster spawn file you need to do the following.

1. You need to get the map files from the client side and place them in your map directory of the Zone Server folder. (Zoneserver>Zonedata>Map)

2. Edit the MapInfo.ini file in your ZoneServer and MainServer folders and set the value of that particular map to 0. That will enable the map. (1 is set the map to Battle and 2 is to disable the map)

3. Once that is done, log on to the game and teleport yourself to that map. You will find that the map is empty due to the missing monster spawn files. Move around the map and note down the Co-ordinates of valid locations.

4. Create a New Folder and you have to create the following files.
- A3 NDT Editor which is available in the 1.20 server files. (This is for creating spawn files for the 1.20 server and not the 2.02 server)
- Create the *.ndt and *.n_ndt files. * here represents the map number you wish to create.

5. Now open A3 NDT Editor and open the *.ndt file you just created. You can see that it is totally blank. Using the information you just attained by moving around the map and the creature codes known fill up the colums.
- There will be colums showing up in the A3 NDT Editor when the file is opened up. The first column has the monster codes (available already), the second column has the X Co-Ordinate of the creature (obtained by moving around the map), the third colum has the Y Co-Ordinate (obtained by moving around the map) of the creature and the last column has the values of the spawn rate of the creature (set it to the default rate. The default value can be looked up in the other spawn files).

Save the file and exit it once completed.

4. Open a hex editor (XVI32 or Ultra Edit) and open the *.ndt file you just saved. Open the hex editior again and this time open the *.n_ndt file that was previously created.
- The *.n_ndt file is a replica of the existent spawn files in the Map folder.
Copy the values from the *.ndt file to the *.n_ndt file exactly the way they are. This procedure length can vary depending on the size of the map and the number of creatures set. You an create a small VB program to get this done for you too. If you do not know VB then a manual procedure can always be done.

Save the file *.n_ndt file once this is done and exit the hex editor.

5. Congratulations. You have just created a monster spawn file for that particular map. You can now place this file along with the *.map file in the Map folder and then log on to the game. This time you can see the creatures on the map.

Files: A3 NDT Editor and A3 Co-Ordinate Tools are available here for download.
A3 NDT Editor uploaded by Arthas

Step 4: Creating The Monster Files

Now you have already set up the map and its spawn file on the server side. And now we go to the creatures present on that map. All the creature data is given in the Zonedata>NPC Folder. You need to this in order to implement the new creep data onto your server side.

If you fail to do this, then the quests related to the creatures will be missing and also the creatures wont spawn again once killed.

Here I am giving the example with a Memora. But you need to create new creep files by writing down a blank hex file.

First, you must have a hex editor program (xvi32 suggested), then open any file in NPC folder.

For Example ZoneServer>Zonedata>NPC>1

NPC 1 = Memora

00000000:b1 f6 c0 71 a9 d4 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ฑ๖ภqฉิ..........
00000010:00 00 00 00 01 00 14 00 31 36 1e 40 11 00 00 00 ........16.@....
00000020:16 00 04 00 11 00 00 00 15 00 05 00 00 00 00 00 ................
00000030:00 00 00 00 b8 0b b8 0b 20 03 00 00 03 f0 00 00 ....ธ.ธ. ....๐..
00000040:c8 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 19 ศ............

0000 - 0013 = Monster's Name - b1 f6 c0 71 a9 d4 is Memora's name in chinese, you can change it to 4d 65 6d 6f 72 61 (Memora) so Monster's name in quest window will change to Memora on English too.

0014 - 0015 = Monster's index

0016 - 0017 = Respawn rate (in second)

0018 = Attack Type (first digit) and Race of Monster (second digit)
Attack Type: 2 -passive, 3 - active
Race 0 = Human
1 = Beast
2 = Half
3 = Demon
4 = Spirit
5 = Mutant

0019 = Target Selection (first) and Vision of Monster (second)
Selection: 2 - Weakest Player, 3 - Active Player
Vision = 0 to 15 cells

001a - 001b = DEF of Monster so its DEF = 01e/2 (in hex) or 15 (in dec)

001c - 0023 = Range, Area and ATK power of First Action
11 00 00 00 16 00 04 00 means -
ATK Range (Max) = 1, ATK Range (Min) = 0, ATK Area = 0, ATK Power = 22 - 26 (4)

0024 - 002a = Range, Area and ATK power of Second Action
11 00 00 00 15 00 05 00 means -
ATK Range (Max) = 1, ATK Range (Min) = 0, ATK Area = 0, ATK Power = 21 - 26 (5)

002b - 0033 = Range, Area and ATK power of Third Action

0034 - 0037 = ATK Speed
b8 0b b8 0b = 3000 - 3000 millisecond (3 second) for next attack , 500 - 500 (0.5 - 0.5 sec) for Khainen, Ranias 100 - 500 (0.1 - 0.5 sec for each attack)

0038 - 0039 = Moving speed
20 03 = 800 (0.8 sec for 1 cell), 100 for Khainen (10 cells in 1 second!), Ranias = 0.5 sec per each cell.

Remember the both the client side moving rate and the server side moving rate should match. Else the client will crash due to incompatibility problems.

003c = Level

003d - 003e = Player EXP, f0 00 = 240 (20x) because exact value of Memora's EXP is 12, Maximum Value = 65000 (e8 fd)

003f = Skin (first) and Size (second)
For Skin; 0 = Soft, 1 = Hard Shell
For Size; 0 = Small, 2 = Medium, 4 = Large, 6 = Giant
Memora has soft skin and small size, Khainen is Hard and Giant.

0040 - 0043 = HP, c8 = 200 (Memora's max HP)

0044 - 0045 = Ice Elemental Attack and Defence
0046 - 0047 = Fire Elemental Attack and Defence
0048 - 0049 = Light Elemental Attack and Defence

004c - 004d = Mercenary EXP

You have now created the new creep files. Paste them in your NPC folder and you will have the creature data ready. The names of the creatures in the new maps are given below but you can give them your own names if you want.

Step 5: Creating Item Drop Files

You have created the map files, the spawn files and the creep files till now and it's time you create the item files for the creeps so that that particular creature will drop the items given.

You can follow two methods for this. You can either create a whole new file or edit any of the existing *.itm files present in the NPC folder of Zonedata. At the current stage, I would suggest you to modify the existing ones and use them to your need.

Use the NPC2TXT file present on the forums and use it to convert the item files to text and then edit the files to give the drops you wish and then hex them back. And make sure you place the number of the file same as that of the creep. This way the creep will drop the items you set for it to drop.

You have successfully finished Implementing New Maps on your Episode 3 Server.
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Implementing Episode lV & V Maps in your server
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