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PostSubject: Gm tools   Gm tools Icon_minitimeTue Dec 04, 2007 9:49 am

Okay! I am ready with the files! I have completed coding and i am releasing them!

rapidshare.com A3_GM_TOOLS.rar

Inside the Archive you will find:
1. GMTools.exe
2. DB.mdb
3. Loginserver Fixes
4. SQL Server Database Backups

First you need to go to the SQL Server Enterprise Manager and create a database called "ADMIN". Use the backup included in the files to restore the database.

When you browse the tables in the database you will find the following tables:
1. GMInfo (Stores the GM Login Details)
2. GMLogs (Stores info about GM Activities)
3. BanInfo ( Stores info about banned accounts)

You can edit those tables to suit your needs. They already have some data seeing them you can change it.

DB.mdb file is Access Database File which contains Server Connect String as well as Database info. It also contains name of Databases that you are using in your server
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Gm tools
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