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 Editing M_body field to Modify Character status

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PostSubject: Editing M_body field to Modify Character status   Thu Nov 29, 2007 7:28 am

in SQL:-
Enterprise manager
-|Sql server groups
--|Local (windows server)
Now right clic on characo
select open-return all rows...
u'll find ur char states...
in this line you can change your attack defence any of your states you want........

Go to Enterprise Manger>Databases>ASD>Tables>Charac0
In this there is a column by the name c_headera as said by the above person.
The values are as follows.
Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, Parole, Remaning Skill Points, HP Bar, MP Bar, HP Charge, MP Charge.
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PostSubject: Re: Editing M_body field to Modify Character status   Mon Dec 03, 2007 1:00 am

i cannot understand anthing
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Editing M_body field to Modify Character status
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